Magic Rampage for Android TV

Magic Rampage TV

Magic Rampage is an adventure Android TV game that belongs to the role-playing category. Recently we find Android TV games with the 3D effect, but this is a popular 2D effect game application for Android TV boxes. The look of this game application reminds us of the old gameplay. You can select any game character and play the game. There are many obstacles you should pass while playing the game. You should face all the obstacles to win the game. Magic Rampage TV available on play store for TV. Therefor Android TV, Google TV boxes with Google play service will support.

Magic Rampage for Android TV

You have to take quick actions since this act fast. You can customize the character you use in any way. You can change the character’s weapons, armor, and outfits according to your preferences.

The gameplay gets a setting of an old castle. It gets a mysterious effect where you will find witches, dragons, and superpowers. You can unlock them in your journey.

This is a competitive game with many obstacles. You will find dragons, zombies, monsters, and witches for fighting when you are playing the game.

You can change the environment from castle to forest, forest to swamps.

There are two game modes, which are online and offline. You have to play level by level as a campaign when you are playing the game. You can win the obstacles and beat enemies by using your superpowers, weapons, and armor.

Magic Rampage TV APK

Here, this game’s online mode is the most trending mode since it offers players the ability to play with the players who use the game. There are over 10 million user downloads to this game. So you have the chance to compete with millions of real-time players while you are playing the game.

You can also link the game to your social media accounts and play with your friend on social media. You can get together and deceive enemies.

Another reason game players love the Magic Rampage online mode is that it gives ranks to the players. So, many of the players love to play this game online. The best players get the top ranks. It rewards the players who are at the top of the rankings.

There’s a shop to upgrade your superpowers, weapons, and armor. You can buy the armors, superpowers, and weapons from this shop, according to your need.


The Magic Rampage game application supports all kinds of Android and IOS devices. If your device is an android device, your device should be within 4.1 or a higher version. If your device is an IOS device, your device should be within 8.1 or a later version. This game application also supports Android TV, where you can play the game using a gamepad or a joystick. Using these items, you can easily stream your play on your big Android screen.

Install Magic Rampage TV Game

One of the best Android TV role playing game available on all most all Android TV boxes, Google TV boxes and Fire TV devices. Support Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX, Mi TV stick, SkyStream, X95X, Firestick, FireTV, Fire TV cube and many more.

If you device support Google play Store open it. Then Search “magic rampage”. You will see this game appear on search results. Don’t worry if your Android TV box does not show this game. You can still install this game using Aptoide TV. Check end of this article for more information.

Magic Rampage Android TV

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Magic Rampage Google TV install

If you are unable to install this game using above method you can use Aptoide TV app. This method support all most all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. First download and install latest version of Aptoide TV app.

Open Aptoide TV app and search this game. You will see this game in compatibility list. Install it for free.

Magic Rampage Firestick using Aptoide TV

Magic Rampage is a popular 2D game application that has won the hearts of over 10 million users. It has offered by Asantee and has officially released on the 4th of March 2015. This game application is quite a viral app because of its online game mode. Many game players are interested in playing this game because they can play with real-time players. So why don’t you just try and see? Just try a little bit. I know you’ll love it.

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  • I normally does not play games like this on my mobile. But this game better suits for TV. love playing this game with game controller like playing a PC game.

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