MEGOGO TV for Live TV, Movies, Cartoons and Audiobooks

Megogo for Android TV and Fire TV

Best all in one TV app for Android TV. Megogo TV has all most all features that TV should has. This TV app offers Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, TV series, podcast and Audio books. Those the the mostly used or thing done using a Android TV. This app support all most all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box Chromecast, fire TV, etc.

Best Movies, Live TV app available for Android TV boxes and Android TV Sticks. Many TV boxes has smaller internal storage and performance. Installing many apps for each purpose will reduce free storage and performance. Having a one perfect app make things easier.

Why Offline Movies and Live TV app

Gone are the days in past era where people aging alike had lots of time left after their daily routine, be it educational work or their jobs to engage in activities of their choice to bring into them much needed relaxation. So that they will be re-energized to continue in their routine work.

When social media hadn’t caught on in society majority of the people got involved in outdoor sports activities and taking a walk in a park for relaxation. However, as time passed by, and the world began to get complex with various developments and people had lesser time left to engage in activities to bring in relaxation like in the past.

With this the opportunities arose to find, innovate and development of items and methods of relaxation. As a result, what is referred to by many in society as the ‘great entertainer’ the television was introduced. Since its introduction the TV has and is continuing to technically develop with new features which advances its quality and appeal.

Now Smart TV comes with lots of technological advancement offering many features like offline Live TV, Movies, TV Shows and more.


To offer the discerning and growing customer base more of quality TV the MEGOGO app has been introduced. MEGOGO has it all  – Famous well known TV channels, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Audiobooks and Podcasts. Due to the vast range of the features MEGOGO offers, it is sure to cater to the whole family.

The app can be installed in an android device, even your Android TV. More than 200 TV Channels featured in MEGOGO TV and offers the family its choice in selecting a program of one’s preference be it Adventure, reality, comedy or of any other nature.

MEGOGO also has a wide selection in each of these categories for one to choose. MEGOGO also offers free movies or premium movies for affordable subscription.  There are movies without ad’s for ones uninterrupted viewing pleasure from beginning to the end. All downloaded Movies, TV Shows, or any other from MEGOGO can be viewed offline giving one the option of timing and scheduling to watch to suit as per one’s convenience.

It would not be complete if the amazing range of shows, Cartoons, be it Educational or otherwise. MEGOGO offers the kids Fairy tales in Audio form to keep them interested and occupied. With MEGOGO the boundaries an entertainment app has to offer is limitless. One can tune into Live Shows, Concerts, festivals, sports and many more as one desires.

MEGOGO is for everyone despite age, with many likes of choices to entertain oneself will find that much needed break at an end of a tiring day and all of them will sure find MEGOGO giving all of them the much and well earned relaxation within easy reach.

Download MEGOGO for Android TV

You can easily download this application for Android TV boxes that has play store TV. This app does not available on Amazon App store. Therefore, Amazon Fire TV devices has to use third-party TV app store like AppLinked, FileSynced or UnLinked to download this application. Below describe how to install this movie application on TV boxes using Play Store TV.

First open Play Store TV and go to search. Then type “Megogo”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing. Select it.

Offline Movies and TV App

Now click on “Install” to begin installation.

Audio Books and Podcasts TV App


4 responses to “MEGOGO TV for Live TV, Movies, Cartoons and Audiobooks”

  1. Mary Matthews Avatar
    Mary Matthews

    One of the worst apps out there for TVs. Do not even try megogo

  2. pura ezra Avatar
    pura ezra

    I think there are better apps than this.

  3. Dale C Pell Avatar
    Dale C Pell

    For new users. install this. Because it has lots of good stuff

  4. Kyriake Paolino Avatar
    Kyriake Paolino

    Overall Not a bad app

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