Mini Radio Player for TV BOX

Mini Radio Player for Android TV

Most of the time, sound system or speaker system is connected to TV. Most TVs are Smart TV that run Android. No need to use your phone to listen radio. Now you can install Android TV and Fire TV support radio application on your TV. Mini Radio Player for Android TV.

Best internet radio application that is developed to work smoothly with Android TV boxes, TV sticks, Fire TV and others. Easily switch stations, tune and more with TV remote. Mini Radio Player for TV boxes support all most all Android TV devices. Listen to your favorite AM, FM, DAB radios using this simple radio app.

People still listen to radio and podcasts

Bob Edwards once said, “With radio, the listener absorbs everything.” Unlike any other source of entertainment, the radio allows people to connect with real time information and participation. You might be engaged in some of your hectic daily chores and still switch on the radio for some entertainment whilst going through your day. It helps keep one entertained and informed at the same time.

Once the radio was founded, it became so popular amongst people due to its ability to help people imagine and be creative. The radio indeed had to create magic to keep their listeners excited and entertained. It also provided the ability to be well informed and updated on what’s happening around the globe, on the go itself.

With the development of technology radios became compact in size and easier to carry around. But now it’s just at the tap of your fingers on your smartphone itself! The world may develop, but the necessity of the radio will prevail. And that’s exactly why mfY Software has brought to you, the ‘Mini Radio Player’ app for all android TV users for just absolutely free on the android store!

Mini Radio Player for TV

It comprises of combinations of all your favourite, AM, FM, and DAB radios in just one simple yet fully fledged with a range of exciting features  internet radio application. You might be a fan of pop music, or EDM, or Rock music, or even some Classical and Jazz, no matter what you’re fond of, Mini Radio Player is going to make a home for all your favorites in one place.

The top 40 music on the app allows you to listen to the best 40 songs of all kinds and dive away from your stressful daily routine and delve into a world of entertainment. It also involves latest news that will help you be informed of what happens and when it happens in just seconds. Talk radio will keep you company throughout the day with absolute fun and excitement. It also comprises of religious programs for all spiritual individuals out there and of course the latest sport updates for all sports enthusiasts out there!

You can discover a range of exciting content and entertainment with just your android device with a single tap on your device. Advancing more from radio, it also provides the privilege to check out the current song playing on the app while enjoying a visual experience with images of the artist, bands etc. if you have already found your favorite channel, you can always save them under your favorites and bookmark all your favorite songs so you can easily track all of them whenever necessary. So, hurry and get grooving with this super entertaining internet radio app.

Download Radio player for Android TV and Fire TV

This TV radio player is fully developed to work smoothly with TV boxes. So you can easily install this application using any Android TV app store like Play Store TV, Amazon App Store, Aptoide TV.

First open Play Store TV application and go to search. Type “mini radio”. You will see this application appear on search results like below picture. Select it.

Search Mini Radio Player Android TV

Now select and press enter on “Install” button.

Install Mini Radio Player TV


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    Josh mark

    Nice radio app. Easy to navigate and control using remote.

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