Most requested FileLinked Feature is available Now

As you all know many of the awesome FileLinked codes are from YouTube. In order to have many views they add pin code to their stores and change them time to time. You may already know what is a pin. For those who does not know, it is like password to protect your file collection. In FileLinked many people used it is file collection feature as a custom App Store then use pin code to protect their store or to serve their FileLinked store only to people he or she wants.

Many YouTubers use this feature to offer their store only to subscribers. In order to get latest pin for App Store users have to watch their latest video on YouTube Channel. It is a way of increasing to number of views and gaining subscribers used by YouTubers. So this feature is not about them, it is all about us.

enter pin code filelinked

No need to Re-Enter Pin Code – FileLinked now Save Pin Code for you

As you know many use two or more App Stores. If one or more of them uses pin codes you have to enter them every time you access them. This feature is to address that issue. Once you enter pin for FileLinked code FileLinked app will remember that pin code and automatically apply that pin open FileLinked app store for you. It will show pin code again only when creator changed the pin code. Till that you wan’t need to Re-Enter Pin code.

This feature is requested by many FileLinked users since the Pin Code feature is released. So this news will be a good news for them. App Stores with pin codes are headache.

5 thoughts on “Most requested FileLinked Feature is available Now

  • Filelinked I have on my fire stick tv, now, I want it on apple iPad. I is that great.

  • I think the new FileLinked program is GREAT, Not only saves the pins, but also bookmarks the FilLink Code… And can delete your installs after installing. Great Job, and Great program…
    Thank you

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