Movie BOX for Android TV and Fire TV

Movie Box for Android TV

One of the best and fastest video downloading TV app. You can download videos, movies and other content directly to your Android TV or Fire TV using Movie Box app.

Popular TV Entertainment

Time is very important and critical. Everything happens to times. World becoming busier with multiple activities has made peoples lives complex. The popular utterance “ Hope Time Stands Still” says it all.

People are running short of time to meet their daily chores and all these adding vast amount of stress. This situation makes it necessary for people to find the best balance between their daily routine and finding satisfying relaxation for mental and physical well been.

No wonder the traditional entertainment, the popular TV entertainment has grown by leaps and bounds. TV fits the bill for a busy world. People can view TV at their convenience to suit their times thus finding that right balance.

Realizing and taking all of these factors into consideration has brought about the ultimate App the MOVIE BOX. Here’s a summery of what’s on offer that will bring in the thrills and satisfaction to all of its viewers.

Features of Movie Box TV App

ULTRA HIGH SPEED –downloading of videos will take away the impatience of the viewers.

BACKGROUND PLAY FUNCTION– enables continuous listening to the contents of video and audio even whilst the App is opening on the screen. Same will apply to a text message.

LIVE STREAM CORRESPONDANCE – Unique feature exclusively found on MOVIE BOX. Video confer whilst live streaming. Thereby getting others to join in on important agendas and sharing its content. Handy for commercial purposes too.

CONTINUEOUS PLAY FUNCTION – will ensure no stoppages whilst a video is on play. This will make full length viewing without interruption.

PLAYLIST – be assured the MOVIE BOX will have all the most popular playlist of Audio and Video to bring in the best to all its viewers.

SAVE TO A CAMERA – this feature allows to save your favourites. This means viewing is possible later. A timely function as even with a busy schedule the viewers need not miss out on their must watch movies and shows but save them to watch later.

OFF LINE – been able to save will permit viewing off line possible. Again, extending flexibility and convinience to the viewers to watch from locations where internet connectivity is non available or where the internet signals are weak

SEARCHING – efficient and quick searches can be done. This helps easy access to specific contents quickly. Very handy for urgent viewing.

COLLECTIVE DELETING – avoid waste of time with individual deletions. Choose all of what is required together and delete once and for all.

STOP TIME – if pausing a video, the exact pause location of the video will be auto saved in memory. When switching on again the video will auto start from the saved location.

With the MOVIE BOX App in your smart device will bring in the maximum and ultimate viewing pleasure with ease and convenience brought on by the MOVIE BOX Apps modern technological features. With it keep life best balanced and say Goodbye to all the Stress.

Download Movie Box apk for TV

This app does not available on Google Play store or Amazon App store. You have to use third party TV app store like AppLinked, FileSynced or Aptoide TV to download this apk.

First download and install AppLinked app. Use below TV code to download this app. Click here for more TV Codes.

AppLinked Code for Movie Box: 4554

You can try Movie Box app on Play store too. Click below link to download using play store.

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    Ask to install extreme player and says internet connection not valid. Fix it.

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