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NBC News for TV

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Best News app for Android TV and Fire TV devices. Best breaking news and live news app for Android TV and Fire TV. You can easily install NBC news app on any Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV sticks. This TV breaking news application support all most all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, SkyStream, H95 Max, etc. Never miss any breaking news with this free TV news app.

Importance of News at right time

W. Edwards Deming once said, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” News is just as important as any other source of survival out there. News keeps one informed of what happens around the globe, keeps one updated with changing events from around the world and many more.

Imagine what kind of life you would be living if you had no idea of the events or activities around you? You would indeed feel like a frog in the well. So, to get rid of any assumptions, news will bring to you what’s right, where it happens, and when it happens.

With the development of technology, getting in touch with news has never been easier. All you got to do is install news on your Android TV and keep scrolling to stay updated. Bringing only what’s right and best for you, NBC News Digital LLC has developed the NBC News app, that serves you with live news, top stories, and breaking news, all in one single platform.

Features of NBC News for TV

The app is extremely convenient and user friendly, so you do not need to stress about buying the newspaper anymore. Stop wasting paper and contribute to saving trees thanks to the easy NBC News app on your TV.

The app is absolutely free and will provide you with news alerts that’s all in real time, exclusive articles and reporting from exemplary reporters and journalists, and many more.

Stay informed of the latest news of weather, health, tech, business, science, politics, and many more. You can also obtain alerts for extreme weather conditions, breaking news, and even celebrity and sport news.

Do not miss out on a single moment because with NBC News, you will be informed quickly. The news coverage is 24/7 and you can watch all of your favorite daytime and primetime NBC News and other shows while listening to the best and live audio feed right there on the app itself with no additional login’s required.

The app will provide you with push notifications for mandatory and breaking news, national news at ease, expert analysis and opinions on political events, live results from numerous elections with live commentaries, and many more.

There indeed is no other like the NBC News app. all you got to do is install the app and enjoy all the news it brings to you. You can use mobile version of this app too. You might be travelling, in office, at home, or anywhere around the world, but stay informed of what happens, and do not miss a single headline with mobile app.

All of these happenings will be showcased on your Fire TV or Android TV at your very own fingertips. So, you can sit back and watch at the comfort of your very own home. The app is super convenient and easy to use so no matter what age category you are, you could fit right in. Stay informed with NBC News!

Install NBC News app on Android TV

This a free Android TV news application that is available on Play Store TV. If you are unable to install this application using your default app store, you can try using other alternatives. There are many alternative TV app installers like AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked and Aptoide TV.

First open Play Store or your default TV app store. Then go to search and type “NBC”. You will see this application appear on search result like below picture. Select it.

NBC News for Android TV

Now click on “Install” to begin installation. That’s all.

Install NBC News Android TV

Install News app on Amazon Fire TV

Below shows step by step guide with images on how to install good news application on your Amazon Fire TV. Support most Fire TV devices including F20 series, P1 series, Firesticks, Fire TV cube and more.

First open “App Store” application on the home screen of your Fire TV. Then navigate to search and type “nbc”. You will see text suggestions appear while typing like below picture. Select correct app name to display search results.

Search NBC News app on Fire TV

Now select this app from search results.

Install US News app on Fire TV

Now select “Get” button to begin installation.

Install NBC News app on Fire TV


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  1. Rayford Diba Avatar
    Rayford Diba

    App activates notification to continue with a podcast, although I never started a podcast. It’s nearly impossible to stop the notification from continuing. Only solution is to uninstall the app. It’s too bad since I always used the app daily to catch up on the news, but since this problem began, it’s not useable.

  2. App with many bugs and issues.

  3. This app distract me from reading news article. always popups, ads, notifications or something else

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