New FileLinked Exciting Update And Upcoming Feature

FileLinked gain its popularity and position among other Android apps. FileLinked make a new revolution or a way downloading apps you want. Main purpose of this app is to facilitate easy bulk downloading files to your Android device. Now there are hundreds of FileLinked codes are available for free access. Using those Filelinked codes you can access to their files.

FileLinked has just announced a new update that will benefit both  Configuration creators and FileLinked app users. For those who does not know who are Configuration creators. Configuration creators are the people who create FileLinked codes and add files. Anyone can be a configuration creator. Just go to and register. Then click create your own code button to create your own FileLinked code.

FileLinked latest Update

Recently FileLinked has a new update allowing FileLinked app users to search what they want. You can search files you want easily. This feature will be more handy if you know that you want. Just access a huge list of apps from FileLinked codes and search the app you want to install. So you can install apps you want in Amazon FireTV device easily. No need to scroll down to find the files you want.

New upcoming update will be much more beneficial for configuration creators. New feature will allow configuration creators to link tutorial videos/sites for each file. This will allow you to explain what each file is, where it comes from, and how it will benefit you.

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  1. Lee Sung Avatar
    Lee Sung

    The app is user-friendly and easy to use. Thank you for keeping it updated frequently. A great App for my Android.

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