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News360 for TV

Best News stories app that can tailored to your interests. Instead of reading news stories on your phone, install News360 on your TV box to see all those favorites news on bigger screen. Best Google news replacement for TV box. News360 TV app available for all Android TV boxes, Google TV and Fire TV devices.

This app if fully developed to work with bigger screens. So you can easily navigate and use all functions of this news app using TV remote. Easily swipe between stories, find new stories and more just using TV remote. Bigger thumbnails, text and tiles make it easier to see stories much clear.

Importance of News App

News is rightly a huge aspect where one would not have thought about seriously. Imagine yourself in a room isolated without access to the outside world. Your guess would be as good as mine as to what this isolated person would go through. His world will be shrouded in darkness driving him depressed and insane as he will be starved of news otherwise which would be a part of his daily life.

So, one could quite rightly assume news would be as important as oxygen one breathes every second for survival. News itself is a vast subject. If it is classified for easy understanding as information one would get to know ‘N E W’ wouldn’t be an inaccurate definition of the meaning of NEWS. So let your imagination run wild to  figure out what information there would be in news.

To say least – Politics, Sports, Public Personalities, Innovations, Food and many more. All these would make news all the time and most people across the world would be most interested in keeping oneself updated with the latest happenings in these subjects.

In the by gone era the main and only source of News one could gather was from newspapers and later magazines and journals. As time went by and the world became more and more complex News also expanded. Capturing news in a newspaper, magazine or a journal was impossible . One would realise this from the current bulky newspapers making it almost inconvenient for an user to read.

News Stories from Around the Web

News360 app has been introduced to guarantees its user-friendly usage with its features. This is evident by News360 having millions of users worldwide. It brings to its users latest and hottest news from the web and is customized for each viewer to suit best. It allows one to set up one’s preferred News subject in the app and will intelligently learn about it and make available the most updated material for reading.

News360 with a gigantic number of sources will keep the most updated News from numerous websites and blogs. It also without distractions offers a super user-friendly interface that will allow the user to skim through headlines, preview stories and then delve deeper into the content of reference. Save stories to News360 and you can refer to them later offline. This makes News360 to be able to be used even when you are offline. You will undoubtedly but willingly agree that News360 has provided its users with worldwide access to their choice of news, updating them and also making life easier and convenient in this era.

Download News360 for Android TV and Fire TV

This is a free TV news stories app available for all Android TV devices. Use Amazon App Store to install this awesome application on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV cube and all. Using default app store is the safest and quickest way to install this application on Amazon Fire TV devices.

When it comes to Android TV boxes, you may be able to install this application using Play Store or not. If you are not able to install this application using default app store try using a another TV app store. There are many TV app stores that you can select like AppLinked, FileSynced, etc. Click here to see all Android TV app Stores. Check below guide to for how to install News Stories app on Android TV.

First open Google play store application on your TV and go to search. Then type “news360”. This app will appear on search results while you type. Select it.

Fire TV News Stories App

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Android TV News Stories App


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