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Newsy app for Smart TV

Many News applications are biased and does not provide honest content as we needed. Newsy is one the best news application for TV that is anti-partisan and provide honest in-depth content. Has all the news app features like 24/7 live, breaking news, etc. News will be delivered in a simple and organized way that everyone can understand. Support all the app controls with TV remote.

Information at right time

Food, water, and oxygen are three basic major needs for any living being to survive. Apart from these three, it is a common and valid belief that humans need one additional factor. News it is. Let’s take a deeper look to ascertain its importance.

News will keep everyone informed of things that otherwise, wouldn’t. Be them local or foreign. News will broaden one’s overall  knowledge base, thus making it simpler,  to connect with others  Anything and almost everything in this and away, in other planets make news.

Simply everything makes news. It’s just that some news are followed more and some less. Just the same way, channels that bring in news, some  covers more widely than others. Amongst all of them stands out one tall, and proud news broadcaster, it is all exquisite Newsy. And the best news of all is, Newsy has developed its smart app thus, bringing in what matters most, even closer to the public of the world.

Features of Newsy TV app

Newsy is an American news network and the first ever all-news program in the United States that was accessible via free over-the-air broadcasting.  This professional News Smart App, Newsy will feature and assure of all what is mentioned here in no uncertain terms. Newsy stands well ahead, by following its overall policy principles in news reporting features of, timeliness, impact, prominence, proximity, accuracy, balance, objectivity, concise and clarity, and most importantly current. News is the information that is vital for citizens to make best decisions about their lives, communities, etc.

Right news by Newsy is an excellent source to find out people’s reactions, opinions, and attitudes, that would enable to make most appropriate decisions by the state or private administrators. Newsy, the ideal source for quick, independent video news and commentary on the biggest international stories. By presenting all sides of every issue, Newsy will spark important dialogues with a relentless curiosity and no predetermined goal.  Viewers are afforded uninterrupted, and clear access with streaming via the Newsy Smart App. All of the important and concerning news from around the world will be brought by Breaking News. 

Newsy supports access to You Tube, iOS, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast and more.Newsy Smart App will make available any original documentary on demand. And in recognition of its greatness, Newsy,  have been awarded with many of the world’s most acclaimed awards for journalism. Apple TV’s Best of 2015, National Edward R. Murrow award for News Documentary.

Online Journalism Award for Investigation. Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.  Scripps Howard Award for innovation for its newsroom collaboration. The News & Documentary Emmy Awards. There is no simpler and better way to keep in touch with the universe, than with the most advanced event coverer Newsy Smart App. Be in the news 24/7, with Newsy who will never go to bed but be live, to spread the news that matters most.  With Newsy with you, be one most well informed human being, wherever you are.

Install Newsy on Android TV and Fire TV

This is a free Android TV based news application that support all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX S, MI TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google TV and more. You can use default app store of your Android TV to install this app. Check below tutorial on how to install News application on Android TV.

First open Google play Store application. Then go to search and type “newsy”. You will see this application on search results. Some Android TV boxes may see a message like below.

Newsy News app for Android TV

You can use Aptoide TV instead of Play Store to install this application on your TV box. Make sure to check free Movies and TV shows applications on Applinked, Filesynced and unlinked stores. Applinked and filesynced provide latest TV apps and games. You can find applinked codes and filesynced codes online.

Install Newsy on Amazon Fire TV

Now you can easily download and install this Fire TV news application from “App Store” for free. First open Amazon App store application. Then go to search and type “newsy”. Next select correct app name suggestion from the list like below picture to load search results.

News app for Amazon Fire TV

Now you will see this application on search results like below picture. Select it.

Newsy for Fire TV

Click on download icon to begin installation.

Download Newsy for Fire TV


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  1. One stop news application I used everyday. Feels like live TV broadcast where I am in control.

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