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NFL football games for Android TV

Best Android TV and Fire TV Football app any fan. Watch all your favorite live Football matches and past videos with NFL TV app. This app can update you with all off-season long, breaking NFL news, highlights, stats & more. Instead of watching pass football games on your phone, use this app on your Android TV or Fire TV.

Replay recent games, watch live local games, watch primetime games, etc. No need to search internet or wait till live TV channels stream game highlights. Use this app to watch exciting videos and highlights using your Android TV or Fire TV.

About Football

Football has been loved by all people across the glove ever since it was originated in Britain in the 19th century. The sport is now identified as the most popular one in the world with billions of fans and many players across the world. Football has built its fan base due to a numerous reasons and benefits it offers.

Football is a team game and is known to bring people together despite all differences. The team works together towards a common goal of winning and is filled with team spirit, coordination, support and also motivating each other. Then game also has proven to be of immense relaxation, stress relief and is considered a therapy or remedy to divert one’s mind away from all stressful daily routines and tasks.

When comparing with all other sports, football brings out the most excitement and suspense unlike any other. Bringing out all the love for football, the National Football League was founded by the American football league comprising of 32 teams competing for the championship of football.

Best TV app to watch Football

If you are a football enthusiast, Android TV Store has the best app for you. NFL is the official app of NFL bringing out all the exciting highlights, videos and news of every game and also keeps its fans up on their toes filled with excitement.

The app comprises of many features that will ensure all fans be updated and caught up with all the news and games NFL has to offer. You might be stuck at work, studies or even in a huge traffic jam with no access to your favorite games whatsoever.

With the NFL app, you no longer have to worry about missing any of your favorite games. Because the app has got you covered. You can also be updated on all the latest updates coming straight to you from NFL itself and keep up with all the exciting news allowing the app to notify you whenever something exciting happens. You can also watch all of your favorite highlights and many more on the app itself.

The app is indeed the gateway to all your football fantasies and will be the most loved app for all the football enthusiasts out there. Watching football can sure help one take a break from all real life stresses and pressure and relax their minds which in turn will benefit ones mental and physical wellbeing.

The app allows one to engage in their favorite sport, games and football players bringing out the best of the football world at the palm of your own hands with no hassle. So, hurry and get your hands on the NFL app and never miss out on your favorite games and stay updated!

Download Android TV Football App

No need to use any casting application to mirror football matches to TV. Use NFL Android TV app to watch all your favorite games. This app available on Android TV boxes via play store TV and Amazon fire TV devices via Amazon App store.

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Follow below mention picture guide to install NFL football TV app using play store. First open Play Store TV app. Then go to search bar and type “nfl”. you will see this application on search results like below picture. Select it.

NFL Android TV

Now click on “Install” to begin installation.


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  • Always says app isn’t responding. Worse app. Receive update later than other sports apps.

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