Oddmar – Single Player Action Game for TV

Oddmar TV Game

Awesome Viking Story based Android TV and Fire TV Game. Single Player action game that support all Android TV boxes, TV sticks, Amazon Fire TV and Google TV. Epic Viking Story animated with far better graphics on your TV. Play Oddmar TV game for free.

Looking to bring in that much needed break for relaxation look no further. Oddmar Game App offers the liveliest fun-filled adventure to bring in stunning excitement to all of its players. Here’s a brief summary. Makes play all the more exciting as Oddmar game is based on a puzzle adventure been combined. High quality graphics and the pictures make a real-in-life look.

Oddmar Game play

Oddmar is a Viking mushroom very much in action. Winning on all fronts makes Oddmar game different to other games.  Its main feature theme is a “ bloody smell” on the design, images, and graphics. All of the spaces of the game is “dark and threatening”  This combination makes the feeling of enemies been present all the time.

The battles are filled with action packed heroics. With special sharpness, and intricate details makes the games monsters to look real and more frightening. With super stereophonic sound combined with real pictures and graphics effects take Oddmar to new heights of a gaming app.

Sounds of the battles and weird background music makes the players to get goosebumps out of extreme excitement. More variety by way of different music on different actions, like when the games characters are involved in different types of action, like wading through the jungle and riding a horse.

With such features the players will experience variance to leave monotony out and bring more life into play.  Many other Viking games has its main character strong and heroic all the time.

Oddmar the Viking is differently unique. He is lazy and gets distracted often on a mission. Players be on full alert. The first assignment is for Oddmar to burn a forest. Depending on his success he will be given further assignments.

Oddamar’s success would mean a promotion in the legion. If Oddmar fails he will be expelled from the tribe. So, players you all should serve due justice and make sure of Oddmar’s success.

Oddmar is not all alone. He has some comrades such as the big-eyed owl or the dry bones. His comrades are cute and dedicated to Oddmar’s commands. Big-eyed owl will spy flying high. Dry bones will just freeze if needed to and pretend it’s just lifeless dry bones of no use, to put off any obstructions when on mission.

Oddmar is so fond of mushrooms that he will not go pass one without consuming it. Players make sure Oddmar will not lose focus as he takes his own cool time with mushrooms. Collect points with success on the missions. Any failures will bring demerit points. With excitement and fun combined players will find it hard to stay away too long from Oddmar.

Oddmar Games with its magnificence and creativity of characters, and 24 different levels of excitement have been able to be within the top ten rankings of TV games for many years. So why not join in and become a top ranking gamer with this super amazing Oddmar Games app. Be chilled. Be relaxed. Keep lives stresses away.

Install Oddmar on your Smart TV

You can easily download and install this game on your TV box or TV stick using Android TV app store like AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked, Play Store or Amazon App Store. You can choose what is installed on your TV box. If you choose Applinked or Filesynced you have to find correct TV code for that.

Install Oddmar on Android TV

First open Google play Store app and go to search. Then type “oddmar”. you will see this game appear on search results like below picture. Select it.

oddmar Android TV Box

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Install Oddmar TV BOX and TV Stick


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    What a great game. Great graphics and animations on TV.

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