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OSN Plus TV App

Best Movies, Documentaries, web series and more on your Android TV and Fire TV with OSN + app. OSN Plus TV app offers Hollywood, OSN originals, HBO and paramount content. OSN is exclusively designed work smoothly with Android TV and Fire TV devices.


Many likes of people diminish over time. In the same concept some don’t. Toys that brought joy as kids wouldn’t over the years. Entertainment is not so. From kids to adults of any ages would still look for entertainment.

Entertainment is recommended as a very suitable channel to provide all important relaxation, which is becoming  a compelling necessity in todays hectic world. Since centuries, one grand entertainment provider has been movies, shows of the likes which continue to draw a huge following around the globe. In the past, during our ancestors era, movies were shown using projectors.

With personal projectors movies were watched in many homes. Then this pattern changed with the introduction of TV. TV then, was a fixed device. And the most noteworthy and popular  innovation have been smart devices and apps in recent times. This has brought TV content within arms length of the people wherever they happen to live in this world. Let’s shift our focus to one such significant smart app. It is the OSN +! Here’s to run through briefly what this amazing app features and technology to give that great satisfaction expressed by its users.

About OSN TV app

OSN+ features more than 10,000 hours of show time, in HD quality making views to look real life. OSN + offers a large origin of its contents like no other. Turkish, new Arabic included. Features the best of films from the region alongwith international series and talk shows. Watch compelling documentaries, HBO exclusive series, funny new comedies, and only Disney + entertainment. With OSN+ there is something special for everyone. The OSN+ group is well reputed for airing the most recent programming on the same day as the US. 

Delivers quality content in a variety of languages, including Western, Arabic, Turkish and more. Kids too are kept amazed with the greatest kids and lifestyle programs. OSN+ brings the best of Hollywood blockbusters, OSN originals, HBO, Paramount +, and from a host of other well known international sources, to give its viewers the best of entertainment and a large variety of contents. Live stream the best of Discovery, HBO, and the likes. With the OSN+ downloading feature download any number of your favorites.

Create  folders  mentioning the content ID like comedy, adventure, documentary etc. and save them in the respective folders. Watch them when you like, from anywhere at any time offline. No more getting bogged down without internet. So very handy if on a camping trip to the jungles or mountains.

So, get going with a fantastic 07 day free trial offer from OSN+. Get your family and friends to join in the watching of the incredible variety brought via the best entertainment providers in the world via the magnificent OSN+ Smart App. Chilling and Enjoyment couldn’t be better than this. Then how about indulging in some pop corn or similar bites of your choice,  over a drink. Aha! one more thing. Feet up and stretched. Who said life’s stressful with this kind of possibilities. No one dare!

Install OSN Movies app on TV

There are many free Movies and TV shows apps like this on AppLinked, FileSynced and Unlinked stores. You may find some of them on Aptoide TV too. You can install this awesome Movies and TV shows app using Play Store for Android TV. Support all most all popular TV boxes including Google TV, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Mi BOX, Fire TV and more.

First open Google play store application and go to search. Then type “osn”. You will see this application on search results like below picture. Now select “Install”.

Install OSN Android TV


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