Philo apk for Android TV

Philo TV APK

This is one of the best android apps for watching live TV. There are more TV channels that you could watch across by using the Philo android TV app.

There are over 50 channels contained in this Philo apk TV. You have to pay for this app once a month. You can check the work of this app by a trail. You can use this for seven days. Within the above seven days you could decide if this app is worth using and other factors. Not only watching more things on the television, but you are also allowed to record anything here. That can be known as an unlimited experience.

Along with the above amazing experience you won’t miss anything ever. The significant thing is the Philo TV can act accordingly with the schedule. Also Philo can be known as a never-ending library. It has over 40,000 hours of film.

Also, you can watch all the TV shows live, on-demand episodes as well as the recently aired ones. So ever you can’t run out of the things that you love to watch. Then after we will see some basic details of the app. Those will be beneficial while using this app from an android TV.

Now it has performed about 500,000+ total downloads. The Philo, Inc offered the Philo app. The above app can be categorized as an app for free entertainment. To install this app it required a device with an android 5.0 or greater version.

Then we are going to see the features of this app. It is better if you have known them all prior to the usage of it.

Features of the Philo TV APK

Below shows some of the main features of this app. You can download this app for free using below mention method.

50+ tv channels

If you want to enjoy sports channels, musical programs, foods, or wildlife, then you can select a channel appropriate for that. That means there are more things that suit the taste of anyone.

Unlimited experience

You can save anything you want to get and watch. The time you can watch these will extend up to the time of 50 days.

More than one profile

Every user has to make a separate account for themselves while using this app. So then after one user can make up to 10 profiles. Think about your family members. Then they can make their own one. They can add the records that suit their favor.

Many devices

You can use any device to experience this Philo app. If you want a big screen you could use a television. Or else your android or iOS device. Whatever you use the experience won’t decrease.

Can discover easily

You can discover all that you want from the homepage itself. There are categories mentioned and your saved pages and other things even displayed by the home page.

You can enjoy it everywhere

You can make the above Philo app as your tv provider, then you can take the experience to another place. Therefore the place is not valuable for the experiencing.

Those are the main features that are included in a tv streaming app like the Philo. Then we see what’s new.

What’s new

  • New icons have introduced.
  • You can remove from the keeping watching.
  • There are row section dividers have placed.
  • You can know all the related details to a show.
  • The contents are updated.
  • The existed problems have fixed.

Those are the new features of the Philo app for android. If you work with this app, you have to pay about 20$ per month. And there are some ads placed by the app developer. Those won’t disturb your experience. Then try this app for once. Then you can see it.

How to install Philo APK on Android TV

Installing apk files or sideloading apps on Android TV is not as easy like Android phones and tablets. Because it is not easy to type URL of a direct download link on TV just by using TV remote. Therefor it is always easy and safe to use Android TV app Store like Filelinked or Aptoide TV. Since this app not available on Filelinked stores, we are going to use Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is just like Play Store for Android TV. Contain only Android TV apps and games. In this tutorial we are covering Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box S and Amazon Fire TV devices like Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube and all.

1. First of all you have to download and install Aptoide TV app. Follow below mention suitable method.

How to install Aptoide TV on Android TV
How to install Aptoide TV on Fire TV

2. Now open recently installed Aptoide TV app and click on search icon.

Aptoide TV Search icon

3. type “Philo” and press “Go. From the search results click on philo app like below.

Philo TV app Search on Android TV

4. Now click “Install” to begin installation of Philo APK

Install Philo APK Android TV

If you have Google play Store or Amazon App store you can directly download those apps.

Download Via Play Store
Download via Amazon App Store

If you are unable to download those app from above default app store use the method mention on this article.

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