POPS – Films, Anime and Comic for Android TV and Fire TV

Pops install on TV Box

You can watch Anime, Films and Comics using POPS TV app. One of the best free Movies and Anime app available for Smart TV boxes and TV Sticks.

Films and Anime App

With the outlook of the world changing fast with new technologies and techniques bringing about more and more materials have made people to chase more behind these to satisfy their growing needs.

This makes them more stressed than ever and thereby having to look for convenient ways to bring in much needed relaxation. TV over time has catered to that need in the best manner possible.

And to impart more value addition to the world of TV entertainment is a compact, designed with the latest technology combined features, yet convenient and easy to use App.

POPS – Films, Anime, Comics App within easy reach and installation. With this magical App In your favorite Smart TV will make that world of difference in TV viewing. Here is a brief description of what this super amazing App has to offer.

Features of POPS TV app

– With the HD the ultimate picture quality combined with the best of sound effects will make no difference to viewing the favorites in a cinema or through your smart TV.

 – Hosting variety of features from just one platform be them Movies, Shows, Music, Anime, Comics, Sports, Series and so much more gives the App users the world of choice and that too offered simply by just one platform. Isn’t this fantastic? No wastage of time just access. Easy and Straightforward.

– With the App’s efficient search tool mode enables the users to quickly and effectively engage in searching with minimum time.

– Library in the App contains the most updated collection of information in respect of all what is offered by POPS. And the contents are updated regularly to ensure the users are in touch with the most current offers.

– Recommendations are offered. This feature will assist the users to easily access content what they are looking for which otherwise they would have to spend lots of time searching for them.

– Games in the Pops App is unique for a TV telecast channel. It features some exciting games. Get your colleagues or family members to join on line and take part bringing cool satisfaction to all with ideal relaxation.

– The best of the comics is created exclusively by the Pops Comic studios to keep all viewers in hysterical laughter.

– Most popular movies/K dramas such as Goblin,100 days my Prince, Strangers from Hell, Hotel De Luna are some from many more.  

 – Live Stream the most looked forward to events such as

  • Pops fan Fest
  • Golden Disk Awards
  • Tiger Remix 2021
  • Miss Vietnam 2021

are some of them. With this range of features offered by this marvelous POPS TV App its users need not depend on any other source. Simply because it got the best mix of what a TV got to offer plus more by including Games.

Life is simply not work, work and stress and more stress but with the right apply of relaxation Life is enjoyable with chills and fun. This is not an option but with the POPS – Films App it will be a way of life. So why hibernate? Just settle in for this Amazing POPS App right away.

Install POPS App on TV

This app does not has many positive reviews like many other Movies and TV shows applications. However, you can easily download and install this app directly from play store for free. You can find many awesome free Movies, free Anime and Comic apps on AppLinked and FileSynced. Install AppLinked or FileSynced and use TV Code to access all popular TV app stores full of movies and TV shows. Below shows how to install this application on Android TV.

First open Play Store TV application and go to search. Then type “Pops”. You will see this application appear on search results like on below picture. Now click on “Install” button to begin installation.

Pops - Films and Movies for Android TV


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