Puffin TV for all Android TV

Puffin TV Browser for Android TV

The best web browser available for Android TV. This web browser has all most everything required for Android TV based web browser. Why Android TV based web browser ?. Because unlike your smartphone or computer navigating around the website in your TV is not a easy task. This is a kind of app that addresses all difficulties that face during web surfing with Android TV.


– Completely Free web browser for Android TV.
– Mouse cursor appear on web pages that can be moved using arrow keys of your TV Remote.
– Home page categorized with most popular web sites, social media sites and more. That make it easier to visit websites we want without searching or typing.
– Keep track of recently viewed web pages.
– Can bookmark web pages.
– Can download and install apps directly.
– Separate download manager. That helps to delete all unwanted downloads. It helps to save storage space.
– If you want you can lock web access for others.
– Can change websites display sizes from settings.

There are lot more unmentioned features of this app. You can download and try those features.

Puffin TV Browser

Home page or starting page of this browser is very interesting and interactive. All buttons and website links are nicely arranged and can see them when you are far from TV. So many features that are nicely arranged in a way that no one get confused when using. Lets see default categories this app.

Recently Viewed : Shows all your recently visited websites. One click “Clean Browsing history” button present at the begging of recently viewed websites links.

Downloads : This is not appear till you start to download something. Once you download anything from internet it will shows under this category.

Introduction : Website link to puffin TV website explaining and introducing about this app.

News : Contain popular news sites like ABC, Bloomberg, NY Times, World News.

Infotainment : Contain websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Diply videos, All recipes food wishes

Show Times : Contain websites like Neverthink, Trailers, Mashable, Reddit videos, Visual Music

Sports : Fox Sports, Fitness, eSports

Social : Heatwarming, live leak, Collage humor, Lifestyle

List continues. Feel free to install and see those list by yourself.

Download Puffin TV APK

You can easily download and install Puffin web browser on any Android TV box, Google TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV for free. First you have to install latest version of AppLinked apk.

Download AppLinked

Once you done installing use any of those AppLinked code to download this browser for TV.

AppLinked code for Puffin Browser:

  • 4554
  • 727272

There are other TV app stores like AppLinked. They are FileSynced, Aptoide TV and UnLinked.

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