Remote APK install using Aptoide TV

Remote apk install using Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV has a feature called remote apk install. You can use this feature to install apps and games to your Android TV or Fire TV using your Android phone or tablet with few steps. In this article lets discuss how to do that. Each and every step is clearly mentioned with images so you won’t be confused.


  1. Support only Android phones and tablets for remote install. You cannot use iPhones.
  2. Install latest version of Aptoide on your phone or tablet.
  3. Make sure your smart TV and the phone connected to same Wi-Fi
  4. Install Aptoide TV on your Fire TV or Android TV.

If you don’t know how to install Aptoide TV app store on your TV click below link.

  1. How to install Aptoide TV on Android TV
  2. How to install Aptoide TV on Fire TV

Remote install apk files using Aptoide TV

Follow below mention instructions to install apps and games to your TV using your phone.

Step 1: Enable remote install on Aptoide TV

1. Open Aptoide TV app of your smart TV. Go to settings.

Settings Aptoide TV

2. Then select “Preferences”.

Preferences Aptoide TV

3. Select and enable “Allow remote install”.

Allow remote install Aptoide TV

Steps 2: Remote Installing apps and games

1. First open Aptoide app store of your Android phone. Then select the app you want to install. Let’s assume you want to install Angry birds game on your TV. Search and go to app installation page using Aptoide app like below picture.

Select app to install on your TV
On your Android phone

2. Then Check top right corner for TV icon on your phone. Select it. (Make sure you have already open Aptoide TV app of your Android TV or Fire TV.)

Aptoide Apk install on TV icon
On your Android phone

3. Now you will see all available Android TVs or Fire TVs connected to your network. Select your TV.

Select your TV using Aptoide
On your Android phone

4. Check your TV. You will see Aptoide TV open your app installation page and start to download.

Remote installing app on TV using aptoide TV
On your Android TV or Fire TV

Enjoy easy apps and games installation on your smart TV with few steps.


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