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If you are looking for YouTube like video streaming app for your Android TV or Fire TV, then try Rumble. Best video streaming app like YouTube for your TV. You will find all most all features like on YouTube on this video streaming application. Full compatible with all Android TV boxes, Google TV, Chromecast, Fire TV and all.

Relief your stress

Today more than ever before people all over the world have to face lots of stress. Finding a suitable methods to relax is very limited. It is no secret that relaxation is the best stress reliever. To meet these parameters people, look forward to be entertained via video channels.

What is found on video entertainment has no parallel. From many centuries ago people enjoyed watching movies, shows, public events, sports the list is endless. The fascination of this entertainment keeps growing all the time.

Hence it is believed after many public opinion surveys conducted all over the world that video entertainment gives people the max relaxation which has put this segment in the top of the list of recommended ways to relieve oneself of stress.

Here’s good news to keep everyone thrilled. THE RUMBLE APP. This fabulous App will bring before your eyes an unimaginable variety of entertainment as summarized below.

Features of Rumble App

–  RUMBLE APP is an online video platform active 24/7 – 364 days opening it out without any limitations to its users. No getting bogged down watch anything and everything at times most suitable to you. Install it in your smart TV at home and watch in the cool comfort of your home. What better way to relax with your home folks joining in.

–  Pick up your favorite channels  from Rumble app. It features all of the most popular watched channels in the world of video.

With Live Streaming enjoy High-Quality Streams, Wide Variety of Content, Easy and Convenient. Been Live one doesn’t have to miss out on the current happenings and videos.

Channel Creation gives the users the option of creation.

– Video Hosting will enable the users of the Rumble App to upload video content and share with others on line.

Video Monetization will allow users to insert ads and monetize video content. Ideal for commercial purposes.

Customer Support Rumble will always be there to attend to enquiries of users.

With an average of around 31.9 million monthly viewers of RUMBLE via its App, it is serious business. This is the very reason Rumble continues without a break or hesitation to feature the very best of video programs to keep its loyal customers fully satisfied every minute of their time in watching. We sincerely invite you to join us and find that ideal relaxation to take away all of that stress. Watching videos with family and friends will boost up the thrills and relaxation to greater heights.

Install Rumble on Android TV

This video streaming application does not available on Play Store for Android TV and Google TV devices on all regions. It is available only on selected regions and selected devices. Unsupported devices has to use third-party Android TV app store like AppLinked, FileSynced or UnLinked. Click here to get TV codes for any of those TV app stores.

Install Rumble on Amazon Fire TV

Below shows step by step guide on installing Rumble video streaming app on your Amazon Fire TV for free. Support all most all Fire TV devices including Fire TV sticks (lite, 4K, MAX), Fire TV cube, P1 series, F20 series and more.

First open “App Store” application of your Amazon Fire TV. Then navigate to search and type “rumble”. You will see text suggestions while typing app name. Select correct app name from suggestions to display search results.

Search rumble on Fire TV

Find and select “Rumble” app from search results.

Install Rumble on Fire TV

Now select “Get” button to begin installation.

Install Video Sharing app on Fire TV


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  1. Good service. But lots of bugs. app does not provide good experience as the service.

  2. Fedric lopez Avatar
    Fedric lopez

    minor improvements for user experience. Good videos present.

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