Sling TV APK for Android TV Boxes and Fire TV

Sling TV for Android TV and Fire TV Stick

You can watch and stream many kinds of live events and other TV shows by using Sling TV for Android TV. But this TV app is supported by some specific regions of the world.

You can select any content via the favorite TV channel. Mainly as I told in the above you could select any kind of your favorite program. You can find here the free version and also the paid version too. You could stay with this service all along. Approximately there are about 85,000+ movies and other shows included in this library. Like that you can connect with many programs on the TV. Now you have a brief idea about this app and the way that this app is working. Then we will see what are the things beyond the above paragraphs.

There are many categories of this app that you could use. Therefore if you won’t try this ever, this is the time for it. Then we see some important details that you have to collect about this app.

Size of the app – that is about 23.63 MB sized app.
The developer of the app Р Sling TV, L. L. C.
Downloads of the app- now there are about 5,000,000+ downloads have finished.

Sling TV app

There are some TV channels for free. But there are some more that you have to watch by paying them. Through the Sling TV, we all will find something to watch and entertain. 

After that we have to observe the features of the above app along with its categories. As a user you have to know all these things.

Features of Sling TV for Fire TV Stick and Android TV

  • You could connect with multiple TV channels.
  • You could gain access to the many programs approximately over 85000.
  • Improved the speed and the performance of the app.

Other features I have discussed in the above paragraphs. Then we will see the categories of TV channels here. The following are the things that we can catch up with by using this app.

  • News – there are multiple TV channels like CNN and CNBC.
  • Lifestyle – you could find new food recipes and new carvings out of existing tv channels.
  • Entertainment – not only for you but also you can entertain all of the family members at once from the TV channels.
  • Sports – you can watch all the news related sports and live sporting programs out of an app like this.
  • International – this is known as one of the best services out of the world. It offers you more than 22 languages from different countries.
  • Shows for kids – usually kids like cartoons and other children’s movies. There are some certain channels that telecast those items within 24 hours of the day.

So these above are the initial things that you could find out about such an app. But you have to note down this is only a service that is valid to a certain region.

Then most of the people consider the legal confirmations. You need not to worry about that. There is no restriction by law.

How to Install Sling TV

You can easily download and install Sling TV on Amazon TV devices like Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube. And also Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box S, SkyStream, Minix Neo, Marticom, Zidoo, EZ Steam, Q-Box and more.

If you are using a Android TV box and have Google Play Store services you can use Play Store to download this app. Just open Play Store app and search this app. Click below link to download this app via Play Store.

If you have Amazon Fire TV and have Amazon App store, then you can use that app to download and install sling TV for Fire TV. Click below link to download via Amazon App Store.

If you are unable to install this via above methods you can use Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is a Android TV app store like Play Store. You can install Aptoide TV on any Android TV and install any app that app store without any limitation. Currently there is no verified Filelinked code to download this app. Instead of Filelinked you can use Aptoide TV.

1. First Download and install Aptoide TV. Follow below mention tutorials
* Install Aptoide TV on Android TV Box
* Install Aptoide TV on Fire TV devices

2. Open Aptoide TV and Click Search Icon.

Aptoide TV Search icon

3. Type “Sling” and select it from search suggestions appear below.

Search Sling TV on Aptoide TV

4. Now you can see Sling TV app appear on search results. Click on it.

Sling TV on Android TV

5. Now Click on “Install” to begin installation.

Install Sling TV on Android TV and Fire TV

6. That’s all.


  1. Is this a safe app for my device?
    Yes, there is no harm to this app. You will feel secured.
  1. Is this totally free or not?
    There are free channels as well as paid ones. For them, you have to pay certainly.
  1. Are there any ads that destroy our entertainment?
    No there are not many apps contained here.

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  • This cost less than other parallel apps. But need an antennae to watch local channels.

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