Stremio APK for Android TV and Fire TV

Stremio for Android TV

This is a video streaming application that allows you to watch and organize content from various services. These services can be movies, live TV, video channels, etc. Stremio brings the latest on-demand content to one place for its user’s entertainment. This also uses add-ons by enabling to install and get instant access to TV shows and movies all around the world. Best Movies and TV shows app for Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices like Fire TV Stick 4K.

Add-ons in Stremio

Usually, you can play videos and music files locally from your Android TV. Further, this can stream videos directly through the add-ons and plugins. There are many free add-ons. Most of the add-ons available for general and free streaming services. Apart from that, few unique Stremio add-ons have designed around pirating online content. If you want to access Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other media from one place on your Android TV, you have to choose add-on from Stremio roster. Also, you can open videos from your favorite YouTube channel in a separate tab. Most importantly, you have to consider your privacy as well as security when streaming videos online.

Stremio and the VPN

When you use this application, you have to access the internet. Security is the most important thing when you use the internet. Since the Stremio also uses the internet, there may be cyberattacks, crackdowns, and regional limitation. If you have a VPN service, it can reduce the risk of security problems and act as a strong solution for internet limitations. Click here to find best available VPN apps for Android TV.

Features of Stremio Android TV

Watch Movies, TV shows and other programs for free

If you use the Stremio TV app, you can watch new movies, programs, and other TV shows in the updated version. It keeps you updated by allowing notifications about new movies or TV shows.


There is a calendar option, which shows you the watch history in calendar visualization mode. So this helps to keep you track on your watch history. Further, you can organize your library according to your style.


When we consider the compatibility of the Stremio application, it can use on a variety of devices. Usually, all smart devices are compatible with this. All Android smartphones of version 5.0 and above, as well as iOS smartphones with 9.2 version or above. If we consider the PCs, Stremio compatible with Linux PC, Windows PC, and macOS devices. Further, this app is officially available on the App store. You can install this app on any Android TV box and Fire TV devices using Filelinked. Check end of this article for installation of this app on Android TV boxes.

You can use this app for free instead of third-party apps because you need a premium subscription of third-party apps from the source of movies and browsers. This will be the most effective application to watch videos from the internet since it redirects you to the original host site.

Download Stremio Android TV APK Free

Stremio app not available on play store for Android TV. So you won’t be able to download this app on play store for TV. This app not available on Amazon App Store for Amazon Fire TV devices like Fire TV stick, Fire TV cube and others.

You can use other Android TV apps stores like Filelinked to install this app on any Android TV box and Fire TV devices for free. Click here to download and install Filelinked on Android TV and Fire TV.

Stremio Filelinked code

Open Filelinked app and enter below Filelinked code to download latest version of Stremio for Android TV.

Filelinked code for Stremio : 11111111

Enjoy best Movies and TV shows streaming app on all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices.

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