Google TV vs Android TV

Google TV Vs Android TV – Difference

Google TV become more popular with the release of Chromecast with Google TV. Instead of using stock Android TV it uses their own version of Android TV called Google TV. To learn more about latest chromecast with google TV click here. Android TV is stock version. You can add features, layout, design and many more Read more about Google TV Vs Android TV – Difference[…]

New Google Chromecast

2021 Google Chromecast with Google TV support

The technologies get updated more frequently with the time. This is similar for the Chromecast also. The Chromecast was updated 2020 by giving more opportunities for you to enjoy with the Google TV. Google TV is not something entirely new. It is Android TV underneath new chromecast. New enhanced Android TV launcher was added top Read more about 2021 Google Chromecast with Google TV support[…]