Newsy app for Smart TV

Newsy –  in-depth Context on News Stories

Many News applications are biased and does not provide honest content as we needed. Newsy is one the best news application for TV that is anti-partisan and provide honest in-depth content. Has all the news app features like 24/7 live, breaking news, etc. News will be delivered in a simple and organized way that everyone Read more about Newsy –  in-depth Context on News Stories[…]

Android TV BOX News App

Haystack News – Local and World News for TV BOX

We all want to know about the daily updates about the special circumstances occurring on our own nation as well on the globe as a total. There are various means where we can know the news we want to know. Most of the time we are watching the traditional cable TV to know the news. Read more about Haystack News – Local and World News for TV BOX[…]