Top 5 Applinked Codes

Top 5 Applinked codes with largest number of Movies and TV shows apps for TV. There are many Applinked stores that are not maintained. You will ended up installing older versions or expired apps if you use those TV app stores. Below listed most popular Applinked codes that you can try for free.

#1 – Default Store

This is the default public store offered officially by Applinked. This store readily available after installation. No need to enter any codes to use this app store. Before using any TV code make sure to try this store. Because it is always updated and offer all most all popular and trending TV apps and games.

You can access this store directly from home screen. App categories available on this public store are Live TV, Movies/Shows, TV Shows, Adult, Movies, Gaming, Mixed Content, Sports and Other. Select preferred category and install apps on your Android TV and Fire TV without using any codes.

#2 – 4554

This is the largest Applinked store that you can access for free right now. Contain more than 140 apps and games for TV. You will find many awesome apps and games for your TV while browsing 4554 Applinked store. Click here to see all available apps on 4554.

#3 – 727272

727272 is the next largest store. This store has movies and TV shows applications that no one has. Most of the popular and trending Live TV apps are popular on this store. Click here to see all available apps on 727272

#4 – 5555

This store is dedicated only for TV apps. All most all the apps available on 5555 store contain Live TV, Movies and TV shows apps only. Best place if you are only interested on those apps. You will find apps collection around 30. Useless and down trending apps are removed to have a clean store for TV. Click here to see all available apps on 5555

#5 – 8888

This is mostly about legal movies and TV shows apps. Many movies and TV shows applications are not available for all TV boxes including Fire TV. You can use 8888 applinked store to get those apps easily. Best place to install play store and Amazon app store applications on your TV easily. Contain only popular TV apps that has around 30 apps. Click here to see all available apps on 8888.


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