TV Launcher 3 for Fire TV and FireStick – TVLauncher 3

TV launcher 3 for Fire TV and Firestick

TV Launcher 3 is a very basic TV launcher with minimum complexity. Unlike simple TV launcher you can add apps under different categories by keeping Fire TV home screen simple. Simple TV launcher does not allow apps be categorized. Because categorization will loose its simplicity. However this launcher able to keep that categorization feature. See whether it is fits you.

TVLauncher 2 with section icons

Top row of this launcher has categories like Movies, TV shows, Games, Cartoons, browsers and many more. You can customize those categories as you like. You can either set them to text or icons. Here I am using icons in order to make it more simple and nicer. Under each category you can see your list of apps. Remember some Android TV users may find it difficult to find the app they want. So don’t categorize your apps more seriously. Just go for few categorizations only. Try to keep all your mostly used and streaming apps on first category. So every time you will be presented with those apps and no need to surf or search through each category.

This TV launcher 3 support ads on free version. No need to panic. Because those ads will be available only on settings. Not on your home screen. If you does not like those ads you can remove those by paying $2.99.

This launcher offers more customization features that you may essentially needed. For example you have the ability change section icons, Base theme as light and dark, Number of grid columns and more. You can also change your wallpaper too.

TV Launcher 3 for Fire TV and Fire Stick

Finding the exact correct launcher will be difficult. Because name chosen by developer is not user friendly at all. In google search you may ended up in many other version of launcher. Amazon app store too have TV launcher 3, but it is not the one you are looking for. So as with other stores and websites. Best and easiest way to download and install real TV launcher 3 application is by using official Filelinked Store. For that use below Filelinked code:

Filelinked Code for TV Launcher 3 : 11111111

Inside above Filelinked store you will find latest version of this launcher for free.

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