UNIFYD TV – Movies, Documentaries, Meditations for Smart TVs

Unifyd TV

The world of streaming services is expanding day by day. Hence, finding the perfect platform is also becoming more difficult. Finding the best platform that brings almost all the things we would like to watch is just like a magic. Now you can have this magic on your Android TV and Fire TV. The streaming platform UNIFYD TV. One of the best streaming services that brings the whole entertainment world in front to your eyes.

What is UNIFYD TV?

UNIFYD TV simply is a video streaming service for your Android TV and Fire TV devices. This brings almost all the things you would like to watch including movies, shows, documentaries and even meditation guides. This unifies all your favorite contents to one place making it more comfortable for you. If you have this nice app there is no need to switch between different apps to watch your favorite things. UNIFYD TV gathers them at one place.

UNIFYD TV is specially personalized for Android TV and fire TV devices. The app surely optimizes the performance of your smart TV making it smoother and enjoyable.

Features of UNIFYD TV

Wide array of videos

UNIFYD TV is well-known for its huge library. It is like one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. It brings videos from almost all video streaming platforms at one place. You can watch movies, shows, documentaries and many more from Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and many other platforms via this.

This includes videos belonging to more than 1000 titles. You can watch original series, valuable documentaries, workshops, mediation guides and so on. All you like to watch are at one place.

Unified Interface

Most of the users finds this feature more convenient and quicker. The unified interface which brings contents from different services at one place makes it comfortable for the user to find what they want.

The user-friendly interface of the app makes the navigations through the app simple and easier. This makes the app accessible for each and every one of us regardless of the age or the tech-savviness. Finding what we want is a breeze with this simplicity.

Live TV Channels

Just like on-demand content, UNIFYD TV provides access to live TV channels also. This let you to watch favorite shows and events without any delay.  The app includes a variety of channels, compatible with different tastes and preferences.


If you have UNIFYD TV with you then it is just like having a virtual assistance in your entertainment journey. Based on your viewing history the app suggests new videos for you. This makes you open for endless streaming of your preference.

Hence, having UNIFYD TV makes entertainment journey a more colorful and an interesting one for you. Sit back on your favorite place and start watching your favorite movie. You will find hundreds of videos that you would be interested to watch here. Spend hours and hours with UNIFYD TV now on your Android TV and Fire TV.

Install UNIFYD TV on Android TV & Google TVs

This is a subscriptions based movie app for your smart TV that has over 1000 titles to watch. Below shows how to install this app on your Android TV, Google TV, Nvidia Shield TV, TCL, Bravia, Mi TVs and more using default app store. For TVs based on Android and does not has Google play services can use third-party TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced or Aptoide TV. Select your app store using below list.

First open “play store” application of your Android TV or Google TV. Next go to search and type “unifyd tv”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing like below picture. select it.

Unifyd TV for Android TV

Now select “Install” to begin installation.

Install Unifyd TV on Google TV

Grant required permissions while installing and enjoy.


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