Vimeo – YouTube Alternative for Android TV and Fire TV

Vimeo Android TV

Vimeo is one of the best video streaming app like YouTube. You can install this free video streaming application on your Android TV, Chromecast, Google TV and Fire TV devices to enjoy videos uploaded by video creators all over the world like on YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok.

Video Programs

From many centuries ago the world of entertainment and other programs of peoples likes have been brought before them via video mode. Video programs are highly rated as they are one most popular segment all over the world. Videos are patronized by people irrespective of country, race, gender and age.

Videos makes it possible for people to focus on anything and customize their content. Editing without limitations is possible on video. All these characters makes it possible for videos to be used for commercial purposes to promote products, organizations, or personal image.

Since a video can be customized it is one of the best ways to tell a story or convey a message. It is also believed that videos makes the most of Emotional Appeal to its viewers. With all these no wonder why Videos are so popular amongst all.  Video viewing is flexible as they could be played back.

To make the Video world even more excitable is the Vimeo TV App. Its features aren’t matched by any other. Here’s a brief about this super Video App.

Features of Vimeo TV App

  • Ultimate Videos – world’s best on offer. Upload them to your smartphone.
  • HD – quality will bring about the best viewing. Crystal clear.
  • INTERRUPTION FREE – start to finish enjoy, with no popping ads to interrupt the viewing pleasure.
  • STREAMING – stream the full video. The full length of the video will be featured without been continued on another day or time. Again giving priority to the users viewing pleasure.
  • PLAYBACK – with playback mode viewers can always re view. This ensures that the viewers could watch even later and not having to miss out on their favorite.
  • OFF LINE – Save and watch later off line with the App’s SAVING MODE.
  • CHROMECAST – technology in the App makes it possible to transfer from the smartphone to a wide screen smart TV. With this make the viewing take a theatre atmosphere with the HD quality. The ultimate in video watching. No Better.
  • VIDEO SETTINGS AND PROFILE – the App gives the flexibility of settings to a video and profile. Their contents could be made in anyway the user of the App wants and share with others.
  • CUSTOMIZE – with the App’s categorization the contents can be chosen by their Genres and Creators. This will be of immense value as the users will not have to scroll on all contents but quickly access what they want.
  • EXPLORE – all new videos and there creators can be known with just a tap on the App’s EXPLORE ICON.
  • VARITY UNLIMITED – Animations, Best of the Documentaries in History, Geography, Sci-Fi and Movies featuring Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Horror, Romance, will make sure that the Vimeo App offers a wide selection not leaving out anyone’s taste.

With all these Features and more, one’s experience of video viewing would have never been this good, if not for the super cool Vimeo TV App. Why don’t you join the millions already hooked up with VIMEO.

Install Vimeo on Android TV and Fire TV

You can install this awesome Android TV video streaming application using many methods. You can either try using third-party Android TV app stores like

If you are unable to find this application on Play Store or Amazon App store, then you can try those TV stores to install this app.

How to Install on Android TV

First go to play store application. Then go to search and type “Vimeo”. You will see this application on search results like below picture. Select it.

Download Vimeo Android TV

Now click on “Install” button to begin installation.

Install Vimeo Android TV


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  1. Good app to use apart from YouTube. But app crashes some time and very slow on slow networks.

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