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VirusTotal Apk

Virus Total is not a complete virus guard replace application. This application can be used in conjunction with Filelinked as a Filelinked feature to scan files for viruses. This Feature is still in Beta mode at time of writing this article. Later or soon you may see this feature on stable version of FileLinked app.

How VirusTotal Work?

Virus total wan’t give the scan report by scanning the app or file right away. Because it may require you to submit the app you want to scan and it later send the report of the file you requested. Don’t worry it wan’t bad as thought. Once someone ask to scan file using Virustotal report results will be available for everyone. So you can see scan report of every file by clicking it with date of scan. With the time only few exceptional apps will be remained without scanned.

This is how it look after installing VirusTotal app.

click to scan before downloading filelinked

Reports will look like this

virus total scan report

Does VirusTotal scanned reports can be trusted ?

Absolutely yes. Because it hasĀ 67 antivirus engines where each file goes through them. So according to above result you can see that the scanned file is mark as safe by 67 antivirus engines. Some report you can see 2/67 like result. That mean only 2 of the engines mark that file as a malicious file. This is often a false positive, though in certain circumstances, it could be that some antivirus tools have spotted new malware before others since new malware is not yet detectable as previously mentioned. You can scroll down to see which antivirus tools had a problem with the file. Then go online to ask the Filelinked store (code) creator if s/he is aware of the potential harmful file, view more details about the file, and see community comments about whether the URL is safe or not.