Wayward Souls – Action Adventure Game for Android TV | Fire TV

Wayward Souls Android TV Game

Are are you looking for action packed adventures game for your TV that play smoothly without any hiccups and lag. Try Wayward Souls TV Game. Use proper fights, tactics, combats for survival. Best Android TV and Fire TV action game with interesting and challenging levels.

Action Video Games

Video games can be identified as one of the best innovations and developments of technology and its apps. Along with the many apps technology has seemed to offer us, video games have come a long way and won millions of hearts around the world.

This is due to its ability to helps us have some fun and excitement at the comfort of our very own palms. Addressing peoples need to relax and enjoy their leisure time, many video games have been developed in order to help us have some fun and entertainment.

As Nolan Bushnell once said, “Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow”, video games possess the ability to help one delve into a world of fantasies and creativity. Not only do the amazing graphics and interfaces of the games allow us to engage in a world full of adventure, but it also allows us to relax and have some fun away from the exhausting world of reality.

Allowing all users and gaming enthusiasts, to delve into a world of thrill and keep you up on your toes, Wayward souls have been developed for the sole purpose of amazing gaming experience! The features on this game TV will indeed blow one’s mind and speak for itself as to why the game is the best choice out there, out of the many gaming apps available.

Wayward Souls Gameplay

Action-adventure game Wayward Souls is designed for rapid playthroughs and a ton of repeat potential. Our earlier game, Mage Gauntlet, served as its inspiration. Every time you play the game, you’ll get a unique experience thanks to procedurally created random stages.

Choose from six different characters, each with their own playstyle, set of skills, and equipment. Investigate and engage in battle where time, placement, and tactics are crucial to success. The vast range of features on the game comprises of fancy control layout with no simulated sticks or buttons to get lost in. you can also progress to new levels while unlocking new areas on the game for added fun and excitement.

The game comprises of 13 overall areas that adds much more excitement to the game so that you will never be bored or run out of areas to explore. Potential traps, minsters, encounters that will challenge you, and many other challenges may come your way while enjoying the best of the game.

You will also be able to choose your very own character while increasing your skills and progressing to new levels. Plans for the second update include MFI controller compatibility, some form of save sync, boss health bars, further character adjustments, Rogue enhancements, and more! If you have any suggestions or feedback for the game to make it more engaging and participatory, you may contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

All of these exciting updates and features will only be offered by the amazing Wayward souls’ game that will indeed make you enter a world of fun and excitement that never ceases. Enjoy the best game at ease!

Install Wayward Souls on TV Box and TV Stick

One of the easiest and supported TV game that you can install with few simple steps. You can use supported game controller to play this game on your TV. If this game does not available for your device due to geographical reason or device restriction, you can use AppLinked or FileSynced. You can use AppLinked and FileSynced to install any app or game on your TV without any restriction at all. Follow below mention procedure to install this game on Android TV

First open Google Play Store and go to search bar and type “wayward souls”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing. Select it.

Download Wayward Souls apk

Now select “Install” to begin installation

Install Wayward Souls TV BOX Game


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  1. keremiah Fitzgerald Avatar
    keremiah Fitzgerald

    Game is fantastic. Controls are tight on TV

  2. Renee Young Avatar
    Renee Young

    Beginner levels are fun and interesting. But later levels are not at all

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