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Weverse App for TV

One of the best social media app to chat and interact with your favorite artist all over the globe. Best platform to meet fans and artists. You will see popular artists like BTS, HENRY, Yoon Jisung, HYOLYN, OnlyOneOf and tons of other artists. It support auto language translation that make it easier to understand and interact with foreign artists.

Artist and Fan

Entertainment comes in many ways. World’s favorite types of entertainment are from movies, musical shows, dramas and so many of the likes. Thanks to entertainment, keeps most people irrespective of age and gender relaxed.

In todays busy and stressful world, relaxation has become even more welcome than ever before. The glamour of entertainment is brought about by the artists who act in them. Most of these artists have a mega worldwide fan base. Although both the artists and fans would like to engage on a one to one dialogue it is virtually impossible.

Distance and busy schedules are the major contributory factors that hamper the timings of both fans and artists alike. Realizing this and to make this relationship happen, a smart app to cater to this requirement has been made available. It is the exclusive Weverse Smart App. Below are its features and functions that have begun to amaze all its patrons.

About Weverse TV App

Let’s start enjoying moments of happiness in engaging the favorite artists, in real time dialogues. Weverse will bring live broadcasts of your favorite artists now on Android TV and Fire TV. With the smart TV app loaded to your TV will make it so much easier to watch them live.

Make connectivity through the smart app’s Live Chat mode to the artists you want. Shower them with likes to express your satisfaction. With Daily Moments shared by artists keep abreast with what is happening around them. Fans could respond back to them with comments.

All of the fan support will lift the spirits of the artists to greater heights, and this will serve them as a booster for greater achievements. Comments could be translated by the Weverse Smart App’s Translator feature. With this Weverse has removed a major barrier and afforded artists and fans unrestricted bondage. To mention all of the global stars who are connected to Weverse is too large a base to list here.

Weverse features a high-tech camera to capture photos and videos. They will come out in the best of viewing quality, making the stars look real in life. Provides Bluetooth/Location to connect onto Bluetooth light stick.

To make things even more thrilling Weverse has newly introduced A Global Life Platform. With this super feature, communication between artists and fans from all over the globe becomes transparent in a nutshell.

Never before the advent of this super exclusive Weverse Smart App, have artists and their fans get an opportunity to interact with each other at their convenience in midst of their busy schedules and distance. This has made watching their favorite artists even more delightful.

Start your connectivity to all of your favorite star artists all round the world, from anywhere in whatever circumstances, with Weverse Smart App, in your mobile smart device. Now start boasting to all you want and make them jealous of your newfound method of dialogue to famous artists. Be kind to them and do a good deed by revealing the Weverse Smart App now. Their gratitude and appreciation will never cease.

Install Weverse on Android TV and Fire TV

You can install this app directly from default app store. You may find this app on third-party TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced, Unlinked or Aptoide TV. You can use any of those TV app stores if your default app store does not provide this app.

Follow below method to install on any Android TV box including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX S, Mi TV, Skystream, Chromecast, Google TV and etc. First open Google play store. Then go to search and type “weverse”. You will see this application on search results while typing. Now select correct application from search results.

Download Weverse Android TV

Now select “install” to begin installation.

Install Weverse on Android TV


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  1. It will be nightmare to send messages with TV remote. Use bluetooth keyboard that support Android TV.

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