WiFi Baby Monitor – Monitor your baby with a phone and TV

Baby Monitor for TV

As parents we always like to keep a close eye on our little buddies. That is not a difficult task now thanks to the developing technology as it was in the past.  We can identify WiFi Baby Monitor (with ads) as one of the awesome creations of technology. This app indeed helps you in monitoring your happy pill in every minute bundled with so many other extra features. You can have this wonderful app on the big screen of your Android TV and Fire TV making it more comfortable.

What is WiFi Baby Monitor (with Ads)?

A WiFi Baby Monitor is simply a smart device that can be connected to the wireless network of your home. You can keep eye on your little cutie using your Android TV and Fire TV very easily and simply if you have this smart device with you. You may find it annoying to use due to the ads that will be popping time to time, but due to this feature you can have this wonderful device to an affordable price.

Features of WiFi Baby Monitor (with ads)

Live video

This is the most standout feature of the app. No matter you are physically apart still you can watch your child through this feature ensuring that they are secure all the time. Watch each and every movement of your child thanks to this feature.

Two-way audio

This is just like an extra layer of comfort. You can talk to your child whenever you feel to do so thanks to this feature. You can encrypt all your video and audio data from the device using a password making it more secure.

Motion and sound alerts

Motion and sound alerts are also one such cool features of the app. This can notify you in unusual sounds and motions near your baby making you more alert. These features are there solely to ensure your babies safety.

Ads integration

Due to the ads that pops up time to time you will find it as annoying. But don’t worry. These ads are not going to pop up in crucial moments. They are only going to pop up in non-critical moments. Only due to this feature you can have this wonderful app for a lower cost.

Some of the other features of the app includes:

  • Alarming during connectivity issues.
  • Ability to check battery percentage on your baby device.
  • Data consuming is low.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and easy way to keep an eye on your little kid, then this is the best option for you. Watch every moment of your child easily with WiFi Baby Monitor ensuring your child is safe at all the times you are physically apart. Download this amazing app WiFi Baby Monitor on your Android TV and Fire TV devices now and enjoy it’s cool features. This is a must have app for you if you want to experience convenient parenting.

Install Android TV baby Monitor Camera App

Below shows how to install TV app of the WiFi Baby monitor app with images. You can use default app store which is play store on your device to install this app. Support Google TV, Chromecast, Mi BOX, Sony Bravia, TCL Android TVs, Nvidia Shield TVs and more. For devices without play store can use third-party TV app stores like Applinked, FileSynced, Unlinked or Aptoide TV. Select any below app store, if your Smart TV does not support Google play store.

First open “Play Store” application on the home screen or app section of your smart TV. Go to search and type “Wifi Baby monitor”. You will see this application on search results like below picture. Select it.

Monitor baby with your phone and Android TV

Now select “Install” button to begin installation.

Install Wifi Baby Monitor on Android TV


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  1. Daly Ortega Avatar
    Daly Ortega

    developing apps like this for available devices instead making new devices for niche functions like this is awesome.

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    Very good app.

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