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Yidio for Android TV

Yidio for Android TV and Fire TV devices allow you to keep track of Movies and TV shows. One of the best streaming guide app for TV boxes to find where to watch Movies and TV shows. If you find new movie from YouTube or internet, use this app to find how to that movie quickly as possible.


Many things like Hobbies, likes of people fade away after sometime. But TV which came about in the 19th century only grew in popularity and has caught on with the entire world.

In fact, TV has become an integral part of our lives. Can anyone imagine to be without a TV? If so, bet that person is not from this planet. From very tender years until the end, all people watch TV. TV covers all of the significant happenings from every corner of the world.

The very reason TV is rated to be one of the top most personal favorites of the world’s people, And TV interacts with people in the same way as a family, Religion or Friends do. TV influences people irrespective of their Class, Gender or Nationality on important social happenings.

TV helps youth to develop values and gather ideas from the world around them which is of immense benefit. Foreign Cultures, History and Geography subjects that interests most people are brought before them by TV telecasts. Events that brings great relaxation such as Movies, Shows, Sports – you name it and TV has it all.

In today’s context with time constraint TV has become the best mode to bring in the chills and relaxation. And to put the icing on the cake TV Apps have come about that could be installed in people’s mobile smart devices bringing their favorite views that much closer than ever. More good news now. With much research done a Smart App has been introduced to include all of what is expected by the people by TV telecast.

Yidio – Streaming Guide app it is. Following is a brief of its super features made to thrill each and every viewer to the max.

Features of Yidio TV app

STREAMING MADE EASY – all of the streams can be accessed from just one location with one tap. So convenient, easy and time saving for the viewers.

BEST OF THE TELECASTS – featuring most popular channels of the world. Showtime, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and ++ more to view.

GUIDANCE– useful to the viewers. Yidio App features Universal TV and Movie search guide. Again, convenience to the viewers as they could easily select their views with no time wasted in searching.

SUGGESTIONS– Yidio team always welcomes viewers suggestions for continuous improvements. Hence personalised suggestions can be made via the App.

WATCH LIST – with the personalized watch list the viewers can organize nicely by keeping track of what is watched and making a note of what has to be watched. This way the viewers need to worry on missing out on their views.

REMINDERS – set and the viewers will be reminded daily of what’s new and trending.

See!  What better features can an App featuring TV shows, Movies and the likes offer than this super marvellous Yidio – Streaming Guide App. The ultimate to the max. Get family and friends to join in and share the excitement with them too. Relaxation at its Best. Refresh and be ready to take off to meet those busy schedules.

Download Yidio TV App

This app may not available on many Android TV boxes via its default app store. However you can easily install this app on any Android TV, Google TV and Chromecast devices using third-party TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked and Aptoide TV. Choose your favorite TV store and install it on your TV to get whatever the TV app you want for free.

If you plan to use any TV store from AppLinked or FileSynced, you have to check TV codes section. Because those apps require TV code to access app stores.


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    It does not keep my watch history.

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